Enter the Den of stunning wellness. Lion’s Den Fight Club is one of its sort martial arts training centre in South Delhi, which perfectly consolidates combat techniques with routine exercises to help you achieve a fitness goal higher than you ever imagined. The programme is run by none other than Vijay Saini A lion, a professional fighter, Muay Thai and mma expert. The winner of Lion’s title in Thailand.

We are providing best finess classes sinces 15 years and also have India's Best MMA Fitness Trainer and Fitness Clasess

Our treaning is a best or high quality because we are best in our work . we also have many types programs like Weight Loss Programs, Functional Fitness Program , MMA Fighting Program Boxing Champ Program , Mauy Thai Special , BJJ ( Brajilian Jui Jitsu ) Special , Parkour , Wrestling and Self Defence

We are open at Monday to Saturday 6am to 9pm and also have some sutable personal treaning classes


Enter the cave of stunning wellness. Lions den is one of its sort martials expressions and wellness focus in south Delhi.


Membership offer

Up to 6 month free $199/ month family Membership

Our Classes

Lion’s Den Fight Club incorporates all types of fighting techniques. They are combined into a 60 minutes full body workout. Along with that ,there are sparring sessions and self-defence workshops on regular basis.

Class Schedule