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Enter the cave of stunning wellness. Lion’s Den Fight Club is one of its kind martial arts training centre in South Delhi which boasts of exceptional trainers & highly versatile MMA training sessions. The Founder and head coach Vijay Saini a Lion(link) is an extraordinary fighter with numerous championships to his accolades. It is completely sanitized to provide a Covid safe environment.


Our Classes

Lion’s Den Fight Club incorporates all types of fighting techniques. They are combined into a 60 minutes full body workout. Along with that ,there are sparring sessions and self-defence workshops on regular basis.

Class Schedule

Our Expert Trainers

The team is a group of professional fighters who have immense experience and are masters of their art. They are dedicated, punctual and focussed. Individual attention is provided even in group classes. They really work hard in helping you attain your goals whether it is weight loss or fitness or fighter training. They are friendly and always ready to discuss your queries and customize the workout plan accordingly. One can even stay back post session and work on the weak areas under their guidance.

Comments From Trainee

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