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MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. We train you all the variants of MMA, boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and wrestling.


Car pushing, walking with the bike, carrying your partner, Parkour, obstacle training, climbing walls are the unique add-ons to workout.

Team & coaches

Our coaches are active professional fighters. So all the instruction comes from champions. They make real efforts to teach every single client all the skills. They are dedicated, punctual and focused. Individual attention is provided even in group classes. They really work hard in helping you attain your goals whether it’s weight loss or fitness or fighter training. They are friendly and always ready to discuss your queries or customization of the workout plan. One can even stay back post-session and work on your weak areas under their guidance.

Training Programs

8 weeks transformation

We commit to making you achieve your THREE basic targets, weight loss, Strength building and Self defence with customized dietary advice and workout plans. The transformation is subjective. We start your training with an assessment form (link). It is reviewed every 4 weeks. You will be amazed at the final outcome.

Weight loss programme

We offer you a FREE and NATURAL diet plan suiting your work schedule. The exercises we plan for you is pertinent to your body structure, stamina and strength. You won’t feel weak post-exercise. We make sure that you don’t end up with muscle cramps or injuries of any sort which hampers your daily routine.

Functional Fitness & Skills Training

Some of us are bound by specific issues like back pain, weak knee joints, ligament problems etc. Despite these, skills training is still possible for you at our academy. MMA offers various skills like Martial arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ and Wrestling. You can go for one of these if not all. If you have knee issues you can learn boxing, if you have upper limb issues you can learn kickboxing.

Pro MMA Fighter Training

We teach boxing at beginner to intermediate and to advanced level. Those who intend to participate in fight leagues like BATTLETIME are trained accordingly. We chalk out specific diet and exercise plans. You don’t need to neglect work hours.The club can be accessed throughout the day for practice.

Self defence and awareness

We create awareness about street fight, ambush, group brawls and eve teasing based on an Army format .A regular practice in pretend situations helps you to avoid panic and handle it in an intelligent manner so that the harm is minimized. Once you are through try to move away from the danger. defense is the need of the day, not only for young women, but for each one of us. This should actually be an integral part of school curriculum.

Physical and mental conditioning

A regular training at our academy not only develops functional fitness, flexibility, increased pain tolerance, strong joints ,ease in daily routine but also generates discipline and the power to deal tough mental situations like giving up in challenging circumstances.

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why lionsden

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Lion’s Den Fight Club is one of its sort martial arts training centre in South Delhi which perfectly consolidates combat techniques with routine exercises to help you achieve a fitness goal higher than you ever imagined. It boasts of exceptional trainers & highly versatile MMA training sessions both at the beginner and advanced level. It is completely sanitized to provide a covid safe environment. The training programme is founded and run by none other than Vijay Saini A lion A professional muay Thai and MMA Fighter, an exemplary coach is the winner of the lion title in Thailand. We organize major MMA events like Battletime, Interclub fights and Pro fighting events and encourage you to participate.


Lions Den Fight Club incorporates all types of fighting techniques. They are combined into a 60 minutes full-body workout. relaxation comprises yoga and meditation There are regular sparring sessions and self-defence workshops. An additional Outdoor activity with parkour training is also included.

Class Time table

Lions Den Fight Club incorporates all types of fighting techniques. They are combined into a 60 minutes full-body workout. relaxation comprises yoga and meditation There are regular sparring sessions and self-defence workshops. An additional Outdoor activity with parkour training is also included.

Adult morning classes
Only for women


6:00am – 9.00pm


6:00am – 9.00pm
Muay Thai
6:00am – 9.00pm
BJJ Ground Game
6:00am – 9.00pm
Free Style
6:00am – 9.00pm
Free Style
6:00am – 9.00pm


A thrilling extravaganza for MMA lovers, both fighters and viewers. A great platform for all martial arts practitioners to compete , test and share the skills that they have developed through their training. It is a wonderful chance to meet experts and your idols from various martial arts styles. The event goes live on facebook and instagram.

What our client says

Varun Rawat
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One of the finest coaching classes for building the martial arts skills from the scratch. I was a noob when I started and today after continuous training I am more than capable in myself.
Neha Duggal
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As a girl, it is really difficult to come out of the house during anytime of the days. I am sure all girls will agree with me. Through Lion's Den, now I feel more confident to able to defend myself in adverse situations.
Komal Khanna
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Most recommended for the girls of any age. Here, I learnt self-defence techniques which helped me become more confident in myself and grow a lot as a person.
Mohit Rathi
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Great and efficient classes for self-defense. My confidence has increased a lot after joining these classes. Thanks Lion's Den.

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